A good host cost approximately from $120/year

Email services

Typically $60/year per account

Domain cost

Usually cost from $10/year

Addons and plugins

Can easily rake up $50/year

Fixing issues

Pay lots of money to get people to fix your website when it’s down.

Web Designers and Developers

Easily few thousand dollars of upfront cost.

The real cost of running your own website?

Thousands of dollars and manhours!

Rent a website with us and pay as low as $160 a year, equivalent to $13.33 a month!

That includes design, development, hosting & emails!

Why lease a website?

Creating a website is not only expensive but also time consuming.
Lease a website can free you from such commitment and you can focus on running your company.

Brand Identity

A website is the modern day name card, most people will expect a decent company should have one.

It gives users much more information to understand better.

Cost Saving

Cheaper than getting your own hosting, theme, plugins, etc. Definitely cheaper than paying someone to do it.

Might as well pay lesser and rent one. Save your precious time.

Global Marketing

You will be exposing yourself globally with limitless opportunities.

New streams of prospects are coming from online, from anywhere around the world. 

Less Hassles

Owners don’t have to spend a lot of time updating the websites anymore.

Just drop us an email on what information you want to put up and we will do the changes.

Why choose us?

We will take care of your website, just like how we take care of ours.

Easy set up

All you need to do is let us know the content you want us to put up, the images or videos and purchase a template. We will start filling your information up.

You will need a domain, a web address. If you don’t have it, we can help you to apply one

Fast Premium Hosting

We use top notch hosters for our service.All our websites are bundled with free CDN services saving your hundreds of dollars. Your website will be broadcast from a server near the visitor’s location.

This means fast speed and better google ranking.


All websites are backed up daily and protected, backups are kept for 30 days. Updates are done regularly, keeping your websites always up.

Your website will have a SSL certificate for free to give your visitors a better assurance.

Good Features

We will provide free search engine optimization for at least 1 keyword. The longer you stay with us, the stronger the google ranking. 

Other paid services includes but not limited to domain registration, google address stamp, blogging addon facilities, etc

Rent a website now!

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